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Natural beauty tips for lips

Tip 1: Use Lipsticks Sparingly

Tips to Keep your Lips Beautiful

Lipsticks are basically a blend of wax, pigments, fragrance, oils and alcohol. And different kinds of wax, oils and pigments are used in consolidation to get the desired product. Chemicals as much individually are not the best option when it comes to prolonged contact with the body but when being we wish to take additional care for the result may not suit us!Use lipsticks only when you wish them the most. They contain chemicals, which are not good for your lips. Make sure you use Lipsticks with Shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil etc that moisturize your lips. Go for a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick for everyday use, and brands like Nivea and Maybelline have some real good ones.

Tip 2: Keep Lips Hydrated

Keep Lips Hydrated

Water constitutes about 50% to 60% of our body approximately. It is but obvious then that continue the required percentage is but essential or the effects will show on your skin too. Your lips being the least naturally supplied for self preservation, they are the first to show the effects.

To retaining the natural color of lips, it is essential to maintain hydration levels by drinking plenty of water throughout the day to retain the natural moisture of your lips, specially during winters when we often tend to drink less water, and dehydration is noticed. Also, add high water-content to your diet like fruits such as cucumber, watermelon, orange, grapefruit and lemon.

Tip 3: Avoid Licking or Biting your Lips + Moisturize

 Avoid Licking or Biting your Lips

Saliva  tends to further dry out the moisture on your rather than add to them.

Dermatologists hence suggest us not to lick the lips to keep them wet because in the process you are further drying them out and this can point to darkening of the lips. Even the habit of biting lips should be avoided as there is the risk of damaging them, instead keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for application as it protects and conditions your lips.


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