This One Minute Practice Can De-Stress You||Then you feel good

This One Minute Practice Can De-Stress You

On days which have been too annoying,

all we need to do is take off our shoes and use time by connecting directly with earth’s surface.


  1. Earthing can help you feel relaxed and calm
  2. It is important to connect your body directly with the earth’s surface
  3. Earthing can help in improving sleep

The city-life can take a toll on us, more often than we would await. Endless deadlines, never-ending work schedules and unscheduled meetings are abundant to raise the bar of our stress level to an unprecedented extent. Going for de-stressing activities like exercising or yoga can be difficult because of one obvious reason – lack of time! However, one simple practice of grounding or earthing can relax our stress. The earth acts like a huge battery which has a natural and sub-electric charge. But modern-day lifestyles have created a deep disconnect between humans and earth’s healing effect.

Many holistic health practitioners are of the belief that reconnecting with earth can help us relieve stress because of earth’s natural subtle charge. For instance, it does feel truly soothing when we walk barefoot on the floor. This is just a part of earthing. Just the way machines need electricity to work, human body needs service generated through chemical reactions

The surface of earth has continue supply of free and mobile electrons. Coming in direct contact with the earth makes our body consume these electrons, which in a way charges our body.




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