10 minutes to better health

How to Get Better Health in 10 Minutes a Day

10 minutes to better health

Work, eat, sleep, ferry kids, take dog to vet, gym, work, eat, sleep. Sound familiar? Who has time to allocate hours on a healthy lifestyle? There is much you can do that is quick.

Work, eat, sleep, ferry children, take dog to vet, gym, work, eat, sleep. If that’s what your life consists of, you apparently feel you don’t have the time for a healthy lifestyle. Fortunately there is much you can do that doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Glug, glug, glug. 

Make sure you stay properly hydrated by drinking water and other drinks throughout the day. But let thirst be your guide – drinking too much water can actually do more harm than good by flushing big nutrients from your system. Also remember that alcohol and caffeine can absolutely dehydrate you.

Tomato trick.

Tomato, in all its forms, container lucarne, a very powerful antioxidant, which helps your body fight cancer. If you don’t like raw tomato, tomato sauce or tomato paste will have almost the same aftermath. You can also get it in supplement form.

Morning munchies.

Don’t skip breakfast. If you do this, you start off the day on the wrong foot. Have object quick and healthy, which takes no time to prepare, like yoghurt and muesli and fresh fruit.

Wash your hands.

Most of the viruses doing the rounds get into your system via your hands. Lift buttons, taps, telephones and shared office card are all culprits. Also wash your hands after going to the toilet. Do this, and you will cut your chances of getting ill significantly.

Brush your teeth.

Proper brushing twice a day will significantly contraction your chances of tooth decay. Make a habit of this. Also remember to floss.

Take a multivitamin.

his doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat your five fruit and veg a day, but it is desirable to not getting any vitamins at all. Especially if you smoke or drink regularly, your body’s Vitamin C levels need to be replenished routinely.

Lose the cigarettes.

Whether it requires joining smokiness, being hypnotized, or tying yourself to the garden bench, do whatever it takes. The benefits are enormous to your cardiovascular system – in fact to your entire body.

Drop the doughnuts.

And the pies and the chips and the sausage rolls. Yes, they are fast and they fill a gap when you are on the run, but they all contain enormous number of fat, very little fiber, and bluntly put, they clog up your digestive system and your arteries. If you are hungry and on the run, opt for freshly made untested sandwiches, yurt and fresh fruit  and fruit juice.

Drive safely and belt up.

The single most injurious thing you can do to your health is to be involved in a motor automobile accident. Head and neck injuries can be sustained in even minor collisions, causing you much pain and time off from work.

Take the stairs.

he bits and pieces of exercise you get during the day make a big change. If you work on the 22nd floor, climb to floor 3 or 4 before taking the lift.

Breathe deeply.

Do this regularly and you will decrease your stress levels as you add your body with more much-needed oxygen.


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