BIRTH CONTROL CONDITION||birth control pills control should know

                   Birth Control Condition


There are more birth control Choice than ever before,counting assorted types of personal pills, condoms, the IUD, and so on. All along any birth control method can fail (besides abstinence), the risk of Decline per year is less than 1% for many methods, as opposing to the 85% chance of pregnancy if you don’t use birth control.


                                         Birth control

Birth Control  Pills   Help Prevent                                                                                                                                               Some Cancer

                                                                    Birth control

Here’s What Appear when                                                                                                                                              I went off Birth control Pills for two weeks


                                                                                   Birth control

IUDs May Have a Stunning Health Benefit

                                                                                                                            Birth control
                                                                                                   NO Birth control Doesn ‘t Make you have Riskier sex,                                                                                                                                                                                          Research say
                                                                                                                               Birth Control

The Most effective

birth control, Ranked


                                                                                                                 Birth Control

Nope,you probalbly                                                                                                                                                        Shouldn’t Seal Your

penis Shut With a Sticker Instead of Using a Condom

5 Times Celebs got Candid About their Birth Control

We love it when celebs give us a peep into their personal lives.looking their no makeup selfies and hearing them go on about mental health matter like anxiety reminds us that stars face the same Clash we do.

And when they chat Around their birth control? Bring it on we can totally relate. Whether they’re put their trust in an IUD or critical that their partner get his tubes tied, we’re glad that some celebs, like the five below, are not shy when it comes to contraception concession.




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