How to Weight Gain Fast in 2 Weeks

Are you slim and smart  choice to have a healthy body? Weight loss is a prime issue these days. There are more people looking for the best home remedies for unsuccessful their weight. At the same time there are also such people looking for the solutions for gaining weight. You do not look great unless you have a healthy good. A lean body is an reminder of your poor health. Thus, if you also have a lean body, and you wish to get rid of it, here I am for your help. In this video, I have the best solution for weight growth for you. Here, I am going to share with you an amazing homemade drink for weight gain fast to gain weight fast and naturally.

Best Drink for Weight Gain Fast


  • Boiled milk, one glass
  • Banana, two
  • Almonds, five
  • Ground coconut, two spoons
  • Raisins, two spoons
  • Sugar, one and a half spoon



  • Keep the almonds soaked in water meteoric, and peel them off in the morning.
  • Grind all these factor except coconut, and make a fine mixture.
  • Take one glass of this drink, and in it, add two tsp of park coconut. Mix it well, and you will get the drink for weight gain fast ready for use now.

How to Use

Use this weight gain drink daily anytime event the day, but two hours before sleeping at night and then walk. Use the remedy for a month. For quick digestion, take two green cdroms seeds, and chew them well after using this drink, as this weight gain drink is heavy and difficult to digest.

Weight Gain Tip

Another weight gain tip is to soak five to seven ailment, and one to two spoons of raisins into a clay bowl at night, and keep these ingredients soaked overnight. Cover the basin too, and keep it in an open place. Eat this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning.

This drink for weight gain is easy to compose and use. Also, it has more health benefits for you. It does not have any kinds of side effects. So, there is no need to look for any weight gain explanation now. This remedy will work the best for you. Follow the simple medicine I have shared above, and get rid of your weak body quick.



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