8 Super Simple Health Tips||Simple Health Tips For Everyday Living

Super Simple Health Tips

1. hug someone everyday. 

Move over apples; offering and getting hug  may help carry the doctor away. Research has shown that hugging someone reduces weight and may reduce the risk of bleak and flu among people who are under stress.


2. Practice deep respiratory for two to four minutes once or twice a day.

Most of us are shallow breathers, that means our body and brain are not always getting all the oxygen they need or deserve. While existing in line at the store, watching TV, doing the dishes, or going to work, take a few minutes to practice deep breathing.


3. Let someone in.

 We’ve all been there: sitting in your car trying to exit from a parking lot and fuse into a long line of traffic. Or you have three items at the supermarket and the person in front of you has a basket full, and no other lines are open. Let someone in: wave in the woman waiting to leave the parking lot or allow the person behind you to step ahead. Perhaps next time they will do the same thing for someone else. It’s called repay it forward.

4. Say no to artificial ingredients. 

The next time you pick up a processed food item at the grocery store, stop and look at the ingredient panel. Does the list look like a chemistry experiment? Why not return it to the shelve find an all-natural product, .  free of to repeat this tip as often as possible!

5. say “thank you.”

Sometimes a simple “thank you” can brighten someone’s day and let them know someone duty. When was the last time you told someone “thank you” for being your friend? Your sister? Your mother? A good neighbor? A great professor.

6. Blink.

if you stare at a computer, cell phone, or tablet screen for hours every day, you may not be blink enough, resulting in tired, dry eyes and perhaps headaches as well. Remember to blink! Put a note raised your PC or laptop or cell phone case to remind you.

7. Walk, don’t drive.

 Before you step on that elevator, ask yourself, “Why not take the stairs?” Can you walk to any of the errands you need to do? How about parking several blocks away from your target and walking?

8. call people. 

Texting and emailing have their place, but nobody beats the personal touch of verbal communication. Tone, inflection, volume, emotion—you can’t accurately send these verbal qualities in a text or email. Call your partner, friends, coworkers, friend, and family members the next time you are tempted to type a text. Call someone just to say hi. It can change someone’s day…and yours.





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