Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy

Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy life— Health relex

Motivational Tips to Keep You Healthy life

Experts explain how small steps can help you stay on track to meet your diet and exercise goals.

 Feel Good About Yourself Today

Be sure the people about you make you feeling good about you – no matter what your size or health condition. In addition, if close friends encourage you to smoke, overeat, or drink too much, find some new friends who have good health custom and also want a healthier you.

Elaine Magee, MPH, Rd, author of more than 20 books, says don’t get hung up on pounds or what size dress you are wearing.

“Instead, focus on being healthy from the inside out,” Ma gee says. “Eat well, and exercise regularly. And remember that you can be sexy and look and feel fabulous and not be thin.”

 Rethink Your Role Model

Barbie’s still the first role model many young girls are drawn to. But let’s be honest. For most of us to look like Barbie, we’d have to be nearly 6 feet tall, decrease our waist size by 8 inches, move the excess inches up to our chests, and then pose in the “suck in the gut/high heel” position all the time. Come on! There’s a better way to live our lives than pretending.

Select positive role models. Choose role models that help you feel good about who you are, rather than ones who cause you feel bad. Find a female role model who is solid, healthy — and real!

Know What Makes You Overeat

The key to staying motivated is to know where your issue areas are and have a plan for dealing with them. Do you use food to cope with disappointment, rejection, boredom, or even personal success?

Brainstorm some healthier ways to cope with mood rhythm that do not involve food. In addition, control your environment to avoid bing eing on high-calorie foods when you do feel disappointed, rejected, or bored. Keep your kitchen stockpile with lots of healthy options such as chunks of fruits and veggies, low-fat yogurts, flavored waters, and sugar-free gum.


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