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What I Eat in A Day To Lose Weight

What to eat to lose new body weight? This is one of the most commonly challenge questions. Many obese people start starving, but this practice is damaging to their health. The best is to use healthy foods that do not cause an accumulation of fat in your body. In today’s video, I am going to share with you an powerful vegetarian weight loss meal plan to get slim naturally fast.

Healthy Weight Loss Meal Plan 

Before Breakfast

  • Take some soaked almonds in the morning on an empty stomach. Soaking almonds and then peeling them off helps in better absorption. Almonds have Vitamin A, C and B content.
  • After having almonds, drink a glass of water and you will be pleasure fuller. Next, start your morning yoga


  • According to this weight loss meal plan, take your breakfast at 8:30 AM. Take a whole banana, and eat it. It will keep you fuller for many hours.
  • The use of banana also helps in the prevention of sugar craving and gives a boost to your energy levels.


  • Take one-fourth cup of soaked split chickpeas (brown). Start your lunch at 2:30 PM. Pressure cook drowned split chickpeas. Also, add half tsp of turmeric powder, one tsp of salt and one tomato slice in the pressure cooker. Pressure cook for three whistles.
  • At the same time, peel off one bottle gourd of medium-sized. Chop it into small pieces, and keep these pieces at one side. Take finely chopped one onion and three green chilies. Open the cooker and in it, add bottle beaker pieces, and cook for two to three whistles.
  • Heat one tbsp of coconut oil or Desi Ghee in a pan. In this oil, add one-fourth tsp of cumin seeds and three red chilies. Fry these ingredients and in it, add chopped onions and green chilies as well. After frying the ingredients, add one tsp of red chili powder, and one-fourth tsp of asafoetida into it, and mix.
  • After this, mix split chickpeas and bottle gourd pieces into it, and your lunch is ready now. Add some curry leaves to it.
  • Cook some rice into a clay pot and then keep the rice for five to seven minutes after cooking. Use the rice with chickpeas and bottle gourd dish you cooked with one roasted Chapatti and homemade mango pickle.

Post Meal Snack

  • At 2:30 PM, take one cup of yogurt with some grated carrots and salt. This is the best weight loss snack.

Evening Tea

  • At 4:30 PM, take evening tea. Grind two green cardamoms, and add them to your cup of tea while making tea. Do not use any sweetener in your tea. You may use a handful of peanuts with your tea.


  • At 7:00 PM, take your dinner. For this, take pearl millet and rice Chapatti. Use some vegetables with this Chapatti.

This weight loss meal plan is very powerful to get slim. Follow this diet plan, and get slim and smart naturally fast..


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